In John 15:5, Jesus gives us an illustration of a vine and

its branches. He tells us that the only way a branch can

stay alive and grow is by receiving the life-giving nutrients

from the vine. In this same way, we as Christians must stay

connected to Christ daily if we are to stay alive and grow

spiritually. He is our vine and we are the branches. But

then, you may ask, “how do I stay connected to Christ?”

The Bible says that along with prayer, we stay connected

to Christ by reading his Word daily. But this can be a

challenge for many believers, regardless of how many years

they have been serving the Lord.

Disciple Makerscan help you delve into the Bible

with confidence, teaching you how to make it a daily part

of your life. Its Bible studies will make you more

knowledgeable about the Scriptures, empowering your walk

with Christ. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced

student, there is a Bible study that is right for you.

Bible studies include: Next Steps, Timothy Training, or

It Is Written. Join us!


Learn the basics! Gain a deeper understanding in the following:

· Prayer and the Church
· The Bible and How to Share Your Faith

This 2-session Bible study is designed for new believers who have a desire to start a new life and are seeking to build a firm foundation in Christ!


“Timothy” is a weekly Bible study designed to help you become

stronger in Christ and to equip you with the tools to bring others

to Christ. Whether you recently accepted Jesus as your personal

Savior, or rededicated your life to Him, or have been a Christian

for years and would like to take the next step in your Christian

walk, the Timothy Discipleship Training Program is for you! Topics

include Life in Christ, Victory Over Temptation, The Spirit-Filled

Life, God’s Promises, The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and many



“It is Written”is a weekly Bible study designed to help you

examine closely each of the books of the Bible, learning the why,

when, who and where of each book. The content of each book is

studied in its original context to gain a better understanding of

its purpose, meaning, and application to our walk with Christ. We

encourage all students who have successfully completed the Timothy

Discipleship training to take the next step in their Bible studies.