We Believe Our Finances Belong to God

We can “bring a tithe” or “return it to God,” but we don’t “give it” because it doesn’t belong to us in the first place (Exodus 23:19).

We Believe Giving is an Act of Obedience to God

We need to be obedient to God in his command that believers give to the local church and ultimately to the Lord (Leviticus 27:30). If every believer would be faithful to give and obedient to the tithe, there would always be enough resources to accomplish the vision that God has given us (Malachi 3:10). There is no organization with more potential to Bring our City Back to God than the local church!

We Believe in God’s Promises to Those Who Tithe

God says He will:

  • Open the Window of Heaven
  • Pour Out a Blessing That You Will Not Be Able to Contain
  • Protect Your Fruit
  • Cause Your Fruit to Multiply

How to Give

Give Online – Quick. Easy. Online. Give a one-time gift or set up recurring giving.

Give In Person – Bring your cash or check with you to one of our services and wait for the offering time.